Saturday, April 16, 2011

Fast and Slow.

Some people call the country life slow. In some ways it may be slow. People do talk slower, and nothing is a block away. Evenings and time off from work can be slow too. Too slow. If you can’t drive anywhere you are stuck sitting around in the evening, watching TV, listening to music, or trying to strike up conversations. I sat with the workers in one camp, on a plastic bucket like them, as the light died down. As far as work goes, though it’s as fast as any factory or holiday-season checkout line, only with heat thrown in to make it worse. They do get breaks for water, but it's not as though there's anything slow about the work itself. One farm let us stop the workers while they were working in a cornfield so that we could register them for our program. Some of the workers even wanted to have their pictures taken. Official SCPHC rules were that I could not use pictures of people’s faces for publicity. Still, I got some amazing pictures and videos. Such as this one, which I took before they stopped:

The video doesn't capture the sheer noise of it, you'll just have to imagine that.

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